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Living from the Inside Out

Our purpose in life is to evolve consciously which made me see the gift that expressing myself through creativity has given me. Connecting with other human beings light to light and soul to soul has given my jewelry design career new meaning and purpose. My intention is to come from the place of unconditional love, that bright light that resides within.

I’m MerriJane and have created handcrafted jewelry for 30 years. I am excited to begin this blog and see where it leads. I am doing this to maintain this soul to soul connection with my wonderful friends, clients and those to come.

Well, things have changed in our world and my “normal” shows are not happening for now.

The universe is helping me go forward so that I may connect in a new way. I will be sharing what inspires me creatively, how spirituality directs creativity and our intentions in life. I have so many passions: jewelry, yoga, poetry, travel, inspirational quotes/passages and being of service.

My hope is to create a sense of community through this blog and invite you to add your thoughts, insights and what inspires you in life.

We can be the Light and help make a better world #livingfromtheinsideout.

Living From The Inside Out

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